Texas Tech (31) vs. Iowa State (40) FB 10/27/18

For the second consecutive game, I find myself at Jack Trice Stadium. Nothing can compare to the game two weeks ago when Iowa State knocked off #5 WVU. Before reading this article, check out that one. It has more pictures than I took today for reasons I will explain in a minute. Check out the upset victory over WVU here. Since I was coming back for a second game, I wanted to try something a little bit different.

The plan was for me to get a tour of the facilities and show pictures of that. But due to so much going on this weekend at Iowa State with volleyball, cross country, football, and swimming, we were not able to get a tour. However, later this year I expect that I will be able to get a tour of the facilities once everything dies down a bit.

I had a ton of fun with this game, especially bantering with the fans in the game thread. TTU, you guys are diehards! I love it. Every time something went against you guys and I posted about it, I was down voted. I think that is true fandom, and I’m not being sarcastic! I hope to get to a game down there in the future!

Without further adieu, here are the sights of Jack Trice stadium – with a bit of a sneak peek of a potential tour spot! Hope you all enjoy.


This was the start of my walk from the far reaches of the parking lot. From this view, you can see the stadium in the distance. This is about a quarter of a mile from the gate. I parked on the other side of Hilton Coliseum, which was behind me and according to google maps, I parked .463 miles away from the gate. That’s .463 miles of wading through tailgaters to get to the stadium, I wonder if anyone will offer me a burger?

I arrived at 9:40 and took the following pictures before really anyone had filed into the stadium. Last time I had gotten to the stadium and in the press box 30 minutes before game time so this time I wanted to be early and really soak it in.


I thought that the scenery behind the stadium was pretty cool and the fogginess of the horizon really set the scene well. Beyond the field was Coldwater Golf Links and there were people out there playing some golf. It is probably a mile or two beyond the stadium. I tried to capture it these this pictures. Wasn’t the best but you can kind of see the scenery.


You can see the press box setup in my last post, so I didn’t take any pictures of it in this game. The only thing I took a picture of was the seating chart for the press box. As you can see Reddit was not included.


I got my pass over a month ago for this game so I can only assume that they just forgot to put us on. I just went ahead and sat in the seat I had last time, F37. You would think that I was in the spot of a ISU Athletics Communications guy, but that wasn’t the case as none of those beside me even showed up. I have to assume that that’s how they fill the sheet and make the press box look “full”.

I took a few more pictures from my spot in the press box during the game but not much else. After the game I did walk around a little bit to take a few pictures, but I had to get going pretty soon after the game.


If you noticed that building in the last picture, good. I then went inside to take a few pictures. This first picture is on the second level where there were some table and chairs. There were coolers full of beer up there so I was very tempted to snag one. It was a really cool building. This was the view from the end of the building where I am assuming athletic staff sit to watch.


The following pictures come from inside of this building. As you can see, it houses the athletic offices of most of the sports. You can see the field and some of the athletic offices in them. You should also see the seating and how it was set up in the last picture.


Looking down the stairs…w54ey%FKQeazHaBEu7yylAOnce you walk down these stairs, you enter the main floor with more athletic offices and also some trophy cases. I thought these were really cool as you could get right up to them and look at them.


I then exited the doors that you can see in the first picture and looped back around to the stadium. This building was inside the gates but you take a left out of those doors and you are pretty much at the gates to exit. I took a right and took two last pictures. That first one is the building that I had just come out of.

2zKvwvlGRrqtrnqm+34tXQHeL01MVeSGqFhfjAH43M%gThanks for reading and I apologize for not being able to get a tour this time around. I am excited for the return trip for the tour this winter. Up next on my schedule is basketball! I have a wedding to go to this upcoming weekend so I will be unable to make it to a game #stopfallweddings. Other than that, the next football game will be on November 10th at the Monon Bell game in Indiana!

I hope that you enjoyed it, and please subscribe to this page to accompany me on my journey as here soon college basketball will be starting up. If anyone wants to help cover a little bit of my gas cost (this is unpaid), please contact me for sponsorship opportunities as this stories are getting quite a bit of traction (20k views). Thanks!

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