#6 West Virginia (14) vs. Iowa State (30) FB 10/13/18

WHEW. What a crazy game that was. I wish I would have been able to experience the thrill that the ISU fans felt as they laid an absolute beat down on the sixth ranked team in the nation with a Heisman hopeful (not anymore) quarterback.

The defense of Iowa State was smothering and Will Grier did not ever look comfortable as he was sacked seven times. The coverage downfield by the secondary was amazing and didn’t give Grier anything to work with the entire game.

Freshman quarterback Brock Purdy was ‘Purdy’ amazing as his poise really showed throughout the game. With him at quarterback over the next four years, Iowa State is really going to win a ton of games. He’s an advanced guy back there and even when Kyle Kept comes back I don’t see him losing the job.

Matt Campbell has some good stuff brewing in Ames.

This behind-the-scenes look at Jack Trice is going to be a little lighter than the previous because quite frankly the press box is lacking in modernization. It’s small and there isn’t much to it. A lot like you guys mentioned to me in the game thread, it is behind the times. But, I did walk around some of the facilities and I was blow away. Without explaining too much, let’s get this underway.

The parking pass that I had parked me by Hilton Coliseum, the basketball team’s arena for those of you who don’t know, and I was forced to walk through thousands of tailgaters on the way to the stadium. This was my view as I got closer. (Remember this, I will later show a picture of the lot I had to walk through.)


Once inside, I took a photo with my girlfriend who goes to Iowa State (because pictures at the game are a must) and then headed up to the press box. It was underwhelming but it was pretty neat. Here are a few various pictures of the set up. The first couple are pictures of how the food was set up and you can see the the press box isn’t that big. The fourth picture is of where we were to get drinks and the last is of the press box after the game. You can kind of see that there are three rows, but it’s so compacted that it’s tough to get a picture of.


On the docket for food was Chicken Alfredo and break sticks along with a salad. The Chicken Alfredo is shown below. It was pretty good.


As I was looking around the press box, a few signs caught my eye that I thought were interesting. The seating chart was particularly interesting because it shows that the ISU Athletics Communications staff has a ton of seats but they were all empty. Then just two more signs that I found interesting.


There was this wall of pennants in the press box showing all of the Big XII schools, but as far as decorating and modernizating, that was as far as the press box went. You can see how old the walls of the press box are.


Now for a few pictures of the stadium – I sat in the front row of the press box and took the following pictures before the mayhem broke out at Jack Trice. This was my view from the press box. If you look at the left side of the first picture, you can see Hilton and the mass of cars that I walked through to get to the stadium.


Near the end of the game, you could see the students filing in to take over the field so I snapped a few quick pictures of them getting ready to storm as well as the final product of them storming the field. It was mayhem.

Here is a video I captured of the process.


I then walked around the stadium after going to the press conference and took a few pictures from different angles. It is a very cool stadium and there are lots of cool angles. In the sixth picture you can see just how small the press box is.


Finally here are both teams’ game programs and my pass for the game.


I went into the suites and did take a few pictures but I wanted to save those for the next time I came here on October 27th. I mentioned earlier that I wandered through the athletic facilities area and they were really good. In the works is a tour so that I can show you guys the football practice facilities and the coaches area, meeting rooms, etc. This is in the works so nothing is guaranteed but this would be awesome! If anyone knows anyone, let me know!

I know this wasn’t a huge story like normal, but I needed to save some things back for when I came the next time and hopefully I will get to show you a ton of different things!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Here is a complete-ish gallery of photos.

If interested, you can check out my post from the Georgia Tech vs. Louisville game, or the Tulane vs. Cincy game. I hope that you guys will provide feedback and as always, thanks to CFB Reddit. If need be you can contact me here or via my contact page.

I hope that you enjoyed it, and please subscribe to this page to accompany me on my journey as here soon college basketball will be starting up. If anyone wants to help cover a little bit of my gas cost (this is unpaid), please contact me for sponsorship opportunities as this stories are getting quite a bit of traction. Thanks!


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