Tulane (21) vs. Cincinnati (37) FB 10/6/18

After being at the Georgia Tech vs. Louisville the night before, I made the trek back to Indianapolis and arrived home at 1:30AM. At 9AM I was ready to go and I was off to Cincinnati. I was excited as I had heard some good things about this stadium and had never been before.

It was a rather ho-hum game, as Cincinnati controlled it early and Tulane just couldn’t get anything going offensively. Once it got to a 10 point lead for Cincinnati, I felt as if Tulane had no shot at getting back into it, and they didn’t. If you’re interested, you can see the box score here. The quarterback play was not great for both teams and both struggled a ton on special teams. But with that, let’s get into it.

Here was the first photo that I took as I arrived to the stadium. It was kind of an odd set-up as it is literally right in the middle of a bunch of academic buildings and you could walk by it and miss it. This was the first time I saw the stadium.


I ran into a little bit of traffic problems due to a wreck, so I arrived right before the kick. I was still in the vicinity and I could tell that there was a buzz due to the fact that it was homecoming. Once I got to my seat in the press box, I took the following pictures.


I really liked the look of the press credential for some reason. I am not sure why but it just popped to me. At the end of the first quarter, I decided that I wanted something to eat, so I walked over to where they were serving food. The first pic is of where all the food was set out, as you can see the Pepsi fridge was where all the drinks were. The second picture is where coffee and dessert was.


There wasn’t much to the press box at all as there was just this hallway. Not many decorations or plaques like Louisville’s. I didn’t end up taking a ton of pictures of the press box until pretty much after the game. The first two pictures are of the field from the visiting coaches box. The door was open, so I just walked in. The third is a picture of the entire press set up from the top row in the back right of the press box. The fourth is a picture of where the radio crews, coaches, etc sit. They are in their own little “suites”. The second to last picture is of the stairs to get up to each level of the press box. It was a step set of stairs. Finally, the last is a picture of how the press box was set up. Note: I am in spot 58.


I headed down to the field to partake in the postgame interview after grabbing a final stat sheet (I have no use for these really, I just enjoy looking back through them a little way down the line.) The Tulane coach had just wrapped up his press conference when I got to him, so this was the picture that I took.


I then went into the media room for Cincinnati and took the following photos. (I took  videos of the entire press conference but I can’t upload them onto this because I don’t have the capability. Another reason to get a widget to accept donations.)


After the press conference was over I decided to walk around the stands a take a few pictures. Some of my favorite pictures of the stadium are below, and as always you can see every picture that I took in the album link at the end of this post.


On TV, I had always thought that the building in the end zone was a neat little attribute to the stadium so I had to take a few pictures of it, much like the one above. This stone memorial was right in front of the building which overlooked the field. You can kind of see it as I tried to help you envision it in the third picture.


The second deck on the other side was set-up in a cool way. You had to walk up one end which brought you up to a catwalk. There was no access in the middle from the concourse or anything like that. You can kind of see what I mean through my pictures. The first picture is of the stands as you walk out of the tunnel. The second picture is of the catwalk. To the left, you can see a little outlet. That is at street level and is an entrance to the stadium from the back, I presume for people with tickets in that section. The last few pics are of the same tunnel. From standing on the catwalk, you see the stairs to get to the second deck. The last two pictures are what you see as you walk up the stairs to the section. I hope all this makes a little bit of sense.


After this, I took a few pictures of things that I saw around the stadium that I thought were interesting.



Then I headed down onto the field to snap a few pictures.


Finally, one parting shot of the field from the top of the lower section.


The field is so tight with the campus that there is a road that runs right outside of the stadium. It’s a campus road I believe so no one was driving on it but it was interesting. There was a patio type thing right outside the stadium as well and from that you could see a little bit of the field. Here are a few pictures as I left for my car. The fourth picture I took was me about five feet from being “outside” of the stadium. I put that in quotations because there are no boundaries. You can literally walk onto the field whenever because there are no gates or anything.


Walking to my car, about 100 yards from the stadium I looked over and saw this computer repair shop thing in the basement of the building. It looked like something from a movie, like no one had been in there for years, but you could tell it was a workshop or something. I snapped a few final pictures of that.


With that, I left. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. I was really excited to see Nippert for the first time and it did not disappoint. I hope that you were able to catch a glimpse of what I saw. Not many pictures of the press box in this one as it was pretty basic and there wasn’t much to it. Check out all my pictures by clicking this sentence.

If interested, you can check out my post from the Georgia Tech vs. Louisville game. I hope that you guys will provide feedback and as always, thanks to CFB Reddit. If need be you can contact me here or via my contact page.

I hope that you enjoyed it, and subscribe to this page to accompany me on my journey. If anyone wants to help cover a little bit of my gas cost (this is unpaid), please contact me for sponsorship opportunities.

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